Trick of your Starry Sky Arch [ ]

Trick of your Starry Sky Arch [ ]

Lucy with the rest of people caught up into the Tenrou Area, returns on the Fairy Tail Guild once being located by the Bisca, Alzack, Spraying, Droy, Maximum, Warren together with Trimens away from Bluish Pegasus. She observe due to the fact Mavis Vermilion implies that she was the only which stored him or her, ahead of disappearing once again. Lucy, as well as the most other going back members, try asked right back from the Romeo.

A beneficial distraught Lucy, along with Happier and Natsu, was after seen walking on the street household. Right here the group experiences several people whining regarding their dads and you may prepared they certainly were dry. Which angers Natsu and causes him shouting in the girls. Lucy tells him to cease and you may apologizes for making her or him worry regarding this lady. Whenever Lucy states that she thinks she detests the lady dad, Natsu responses that simply since she can’t scream that does not change just how she feels. After, Natsu and you may Happy appear with a position so you can brighten Lucy up. Although not, he’s amazed in the event that Landlady says to them the latest letter one emerged to own Lucy plus came with eight age worth of rent. As they runs out for the task (now seem to the actual only real of them versus dining otherwise currency) they share with Lucy that they may render her straight back specific dinner. As the saying goes it, she thinks in order to by herself one inspite of the 7 age that had passed with out them, they will be residing in this world it doesn’t matter, so she says to Happier and you will Natsu one to she’s upcoming along too.

After remembering the fresh new get back of one’s missing users, Lucy understands the girl father should have been worried and you will goes toward go to your in the Love Lucky guild and additionally Natsu and you will Delighted

Natsu and Pleased occupy employment one to requests to have a person titled Velveno captured and place for the prison. The customer of the job, Amount Balsamico, hosts a baseball most of the seven many years and this simply wizards could possibly get sit-in. The reason for golf ball is to obtain the ideal spouse for Balsamico’s child, Aceto. The new wizards taking place this new mission need to behavior social dance since the function was a basketball. Lucy and Natsu moving together with her after they practice into the baseball, however, Natsu enjoys stepping towards Lucy’s foot. Lucy, Natsu, Warren, Gray, Erza, Elfman, Delighted, Carla and you may Wendy make journey.

Just after their job had a coming in contact with finish, Lucy wishes this package big date anyone manage want to their inside an equivalent trend. Natsu methods to Lucy off about and you can phone calls this lady term. Blushing, Lucy transforms as much as but discovers that he’s in fact probably come back since he has got consumed excessive, proving their bullet tummy. Natsu and you can Lucy have emerged moving together with her while Natsu has been going on the Lucy’s ft, and Troia that Wendy cast to the your to quit their motion disease towards the swinging dance systems runs out.

Lucy begs your to keep and you can asks him so you can moving that have her

As the Natsu and you may Happy barges on Lucy’s flat once more and study the girl book, Lucy gets furious and you can ashamed using them. Lucy requires exactly why are it right here, and therefore Natsu replies they have and business accomplish and you will states that actually work isn’t the same rather than Lucy. Lucy, next will get handled by this then again gets upset and you may aggravated whenever Natsu and you will Happier inquire about eating, that renders Lucy kick him or her away. While Lucy was inquiring the fresh new guild what to do about the girl invisibility. Natsu includes a concept so you’re able to “burn all concoction stuff”, hence fails. Once plenty of attempts to opposite this new concoction feeling. Lucy starts disappearing of lifetime and no one to remembering the woman. Immediately following Natsu ends up his meal, he name abreast of Delighted and you may Lucy, and this Natsu now recalls Lucy and you will will bring her back to existence. Lucy then thank you so much Natsu for bringing their straight back.