These treats are sure to make you soy happy!

They’re small, they’re tasty, they’re our Tofu Donuts! A little weird? Maybe. A little snack packed with delicious and decadent goodness? That’s a guarantee.

The TapEx Team is pleased to announce our Tofu Donut selection, ready to hit Southern California! These bite-sized (or maybe two-bite sized if you like to savor your food) come in three sweet flavors: Cinnamon, Sugar Cane, and Matcha. And, yes, these sweet treats are made out of tofu, which gives them a firm bite, giving them taste AND texture. And want to give your Tofu Donut that Instagrammable look to share with your friends? Upon request, participating stores will gladly top your Tofu Donut with some flair! Tell us what you think with an Instagram post. And make sure to tag your pictures with #TapExTofuDonut!