Tea Infusion Series now available!

 If you embraced the boba life for a few years, you probably realized the limited variations of teas, milk tea, or smoothie based boba drinks. Boba lovers, including ourselves, already tried Jasmine, Thai, Taro, Almond, and other popular flavors but we yearn for innovation. After years in the making, we want to introduce a new creation, yet remains true to our philosophy and craft — the Infusion Tea Series. 

Our Infusion Tea Series consists of three flavors: Black Tea, Mango, and Citron. What makes this series different than that of the average tea is that our Infusion Tea base consists of premium black tea brewed with oolong flower blossoms and aromatic fruits. The Black Tea Infusion Teas’ fresh and fragrant smell enthrall both new customers and boba veterans alike to try and taste. If you want something sweeter and “fruitier,” we suggest trying our Mango or Citron Infusion. The Mango Infusion contains real mango and honeydew pieces, and the Citron Infusion contains real citron and honey – the fruits inside compliments well with our new premium black tea base. 

What are you waiting for? Try our latest creation!

Current Participating SoCal Locations:
• Alhambra
• Cerritos
• Westminster
• Oceanside
• San Marcos
• San Diego 2 (7770 Regents Rd.)