Tapioca Express celebrates 20th Anniversary since 1999

Tapioca Express Cheers
Cheers for #HappyTwentea!

Tapioca Express, one of the first pioneers in the boba industry, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019. What began originally as an interest to bridge the Taiwanese culture within the American lifestyle, has become something greater.

20 years ago, Wayne Lin and Stephanie Hsueh, opened the first Tapioca Express store in Alhambra, California. Their goal was to share their love and passion for boba and Taiwanese snacks to as many guests and customers as they could. They spent many long days and nights in the store prepping and cooking boba, crispy chicken, and whipping up a variety of refreshing drinks.

Their love for the boba industry began to gain recognition a year later. Tapioca Express began welcoming new franchises in Northen California, Southern California and out of state in 2001.

Young kids ordering Tapioca Express -Alhambra
Tapioca Express 20th Anniversary Celebration

Though it’s considered one of the oldest boba franchises in the U.S, Tapioca Express’ HQ researches and develops new items for their customers each year. Since 1999, Tapioca Express has extended its menu with a plethora of drink options. From teas and milk teas to signature snow bubbles and yogurt frost, Tapioca Express’ menu expanded into having Italian soda, Infusion Teas, and Mangonads. Their extensive menu also includes newer items like Chichi fries (cheese, crispy chicken, fries and their secret sauce!) and Elote Fries as well as many traditional Taiwanese snacks like fried fish cakes, string beans, tofu, and scrumptious rice combos.

August 28, 2019 – All Tapioca Express locations gave out free boba with any drink purchase to celebrate 20 years in the boba industry. The very first Tapioca Express located at 228 W. Valley Blvd. #105, Alhambra, CA offered customers a chance to reminisce the original Tapioca Milk Tea for only $1.

Customers of all ages came out to celebrate with Tapioca Express. Many of them shared stories about their first boba experience and recollected with friends the memories they shared growing up with a Tapioca Express near them. While this was definitely was a walk down memory lane for some, it was also a brand new experience for some, who have never been to the stores before.

As Tapioca Express continues its journey, we want to thank our franchise owners, employees, and loyal customers for choosing to be a part of our family and giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Happy Twentea!