No tricks. All treats for our Halloween special- Matcha Mash!

Spooky season is upon us! After many late-night experiments, trials, and a little bit of magic, we came up with the perfect concoction for this Halloween: Matcha Mash!

Matcha Mash perfectly concocted for you.

Deep within our mad science laboratory, we concocted just the perfect Matcha Mash to give you a break from all the pumpkin spice hype. We were going for another super-secret drink idea but went a little crazy and started experimenting with more flavors. Shout out to Ellen, our hardworking RO (restaurant operations), for truly embracing the mad scientist in herself and whipping out this drink!

So what exactly is Matcha Mash? Our premium grade matcha is sifted and vigorously whisked with hot water that’s set to a temperature just under a boil. It’s then filtered twice to ensure a smooth and refined matcha mix. This mix is drizzled around the cup to create a slimy green finish. We then use half & half milk along with our freshly brewed Thai teaΒ poured over ice to create the perfect finish!

Now the real question is are you brave enough to try this Matcha Mash?
Let us know what you think about this drink!