Tapioca Express celebrates 20th Anniversary since 1999


Cheers for #HappyTwentea! Tapioca Express, one of the first pioneers in the boba industry, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019. What began originally as an interest to bridge the Taiwanese culture within the American lifestyle, has become something greater. 20 years ago, Wayne Lin and Stephanie Hsueh, opened the first Tapioca Express store in

Free Boba on us! Here’s why…


WE’RE TURNING 20 ON AUGUST 28TH If you’re a millennial or even Gen X, we were most likely one of your first boba experience. Remember those bittersweet days, where you begged mom to let you also order popcorn chicken with your drink? The hot days, where your friends gathered in our stores to play card

Opportunity to open Tapioca Express – Seafood City (Sacramento)


Interested in becoming a member of the Tapioca Express family? Our high-traffic Seafood City location in Sacramento, California is up for grabs! The kitchen hood, refrigerator, and walk-in freezer are all prepped and ready for business. Join the bubble tea business under one of the most established tea brands in the industry today! With locations

Tapioca Express’ 20th Anniversary Film Contest


Have you heard the news? August 28th will be our 20th anniversary! Time flies by fast but, sure enough, we’ve been around for nearly two decades, serving you the best in fresh food and thirst-quenching teas. One thing we really noticed throughout these two decades of service was the outstanding personality, energy, and vibe that

Tapioca Express San Marcos open during North City East construction


Construction activity along Barham Drive will affect customers and residents through the end of summer 2019. Tapioca Express San Marcos (200 East Barham Drive, Suite 104, San Marcos, CA) will still be open to the public. During this time, customers will need to use alternative routes to access the North City Parking Structure due to

Who needs superheroes when you have moms?


Do you know who I looked up to when I was a kid? Batman. He utilizes the coolest technology, fights crime, and drives in the batmobile! What’s there not to like about him? However, after years without realizing, the true hero has been right next to me all along. She cooks for me, cares for

Tea Infusion Series now available!


 If you embraced the boba life for a few years, you probably realized the limited variations of teas, milk tea, or smoothie based boba drinks. Boba lovers, including ourselves, already tried Jasmine, Thai, Taro, Almond, and other popular flavors but we yearn for innovation. After years in the making, we want to introduce a new

What are Tapioca Pearls?


To make Tapioca Pearls, or boba, harvesters extract starch from cassava plants – roots that have been cultivated in South America for over 5,000 years. During the process, a starch ball of 0.5-1 centimeter in diameter is mixed with water, sugar, and spices. The color and taste of boba can vary depending on its ingredients.

Tapioca Express has an ‘Epic Mission’ to provide quality Taiwanese drinks and snacks


Tapioca Express is honored to be interviewed by Southern California Homes magazine, a great source of providing living guidelines for home owners. For this edition, the magazine covers detailed information in introducing the Chula Vista area. You are able to find the article at http://www.southerncaliforniahomes.com/articles/tapioca-express-has-an-epic-mission-to-provide-quality-taiwanese-fare. Feel free to stop by our Chula Vista stores