Tapioca Express’ 20th Anniversary Film Contest

Have you heard the news? August 28th will be our 20th anniversary! Time flies by fast but, sure enough, we’ve been around for nearly two decades, serving you the best in fresh food and thirst-quenching teas. One thing we really noticed throughout these two decades of service was the outstanding personality, energy, and vibe that each customer, franchise owner, and employee had! So, since we absolutely love celebrations and, most importantly, you, we are holding a Film Contest to commemorate our 20th Anniversary!

Here are the rules:

• Video must include at least one product from Tapioca Express

• Participant(s) must express “Happy Birthday” in a creative way

ex.) Dressing up in a boba onesie and screaming “Happy Birthday!”

ex.) Spelling out “Happy Birthday” with boba

• Video must be uploaded to Instagram with @tapiocaexpressofficial and #happytwentea in the description

• Participants must follow @tapiocaexpressofficial


To address to boba in the room, the answer is YES! The creator of the most creative and energetic video will receive a brand new, sleek pair of AirPods. Additional prizes will be announced periodically, so stay tuned!

Deadline to submit: August 28th, 2019

And here is a sample video for inspiration:

If you have any questions, send us a message on our Instagram @tapiocaexpressofficial