Boba is so Mochi better with this!

Ready for another snack to satisfy that sweet tooth? So are we.

The TapEx Team is pleased to announce our Mochi Waffle selection, ready to hit [insert participating stores]. Combining the crispiness of waffles and the gooey-ness of mochi, the Mochi Waffle will definitely have you saying, “um…can I have another one, please?” (Don’t worry, we won’t judge :P) 

We have been working hard, testing out flavors and interviewing customers, to find the most delicious and satisfying flavor combinations! After weeks of testing for deliciousness and snackability, we are excited to announce that the following flavors will be available in select stores:

  • Chocolate Chip Mochi Waffles
  • Fruity Pebbles Mochi Waffles
  • Granola Mochi Waffles
  • Matcha Mochi Waffles (NorCal Only)
  • Thai Tea Mochi Waffles (NorCal only)
Chocolate Chip Mochi Waffle
Fruity Pebbles Mochi Waffle
Granola Mochi Waffles
Matcha Mochi Waffles
Thai Tea Mochi Waffles