Boba is so Mochi better with this!


Ready for another snack to satisfy that sweet tooth? So are we. The TapEx Team is pleased to announce our Mochi Waffle selection, ready to hit [insert participating stores]. Combining the crispiness of waffles and the gooey-ness of mochi, the Mochi Waffle will definitely have you saying, “um…can I have another one, please?” (Don’t worry,

These treats are sure to make you soy happy!


They’re small, they’re tasty, they’re our Tofu Donuts! A little weird? Maybe. A little snack packed with delicious and decadent goodness? That’s a guarantee. The TapEx Team is pleased to announce our Tofu Donut selection, ready to hit Southern California! These bite-sized (or maybe two-bite sized if you like to savor your food) come in