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The birth of the pearl

Tapioca pearls (also known as Boba), are a ‘pearly’ extract from cassava. This is a starchy root crop that has been cultivated in tropical America for more than 5,000 years. A crop of cassava requires at least 8 months of warm weather, and is most productive in the full sun. Consisting of 30 to 40 percent dry matter, the root contains mostly carbohydrates, but is also rich in vitamin C, carotenes, calcium, and potassium.

The most notable characteristic of cassava starch is its stickiness. This remarkable attribute is clearly demonstrated as white tapioca pearls. When the white tapioca pearls are combined with brown sugar, it results in the black tapioca pearls that you have come to love so much.

To achieve the right texture and chewiness, our stores must take time, love and care to re-hydrate and cook the tapioca pearls. At Tapioca Express we pride ourselves in serving the tapioca pearls throughout the nation and our customer loyalty is a strong testimony to this fact.

So relax and rejuvenate yourself with a drink that is also fun to eat! Drinking our premium teas with added tapioca will not only benefit you with the disease-preventing power of tea, but also with the vitamins and minerals contained in tapioca pearls!


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